Real solutions are tailored--never canned. Our consultants provide affordable, comprehensive and customized post-acute care consulting services that are scalable to your company's unique needs. We are a dedicated team who works collaboratively with you and your organization to recharge your business’s operational, technological, regulatory, clinical and financial performance.


EMR Implementation

Find out how MHA's personalized EMR project management approach to discovery, design, test, and rollout will help your organization have a successful implementation and adoption. 

EMR Optimization

We're well versed in all of the regulatory, financial, clinical, and technological changes. We can help your agency stay on top of the changes to keep your EMR optimized. 

Emergency Preparedness

MHA is here to help you plan for the next tornado, flood, pandemic, or any other drastic situation. 

Staff Augmentation

We can address stresses you're seeing with operations, staffing, scheduling and many other processes.

Operational Assessment

MHA will conduct a complete overview of your organization to improve and effectively transform your agency's operations, technology, finances, clinical processes.

COVID SOC Assessement

MHA's assessment with accessible service codes will help your agency protect and serve your patients. 

PDGM Optimization

Find out how MHA's PDGM assessment will evaluate how your agency is performing under PDGM.

Mergers and 


Learn what makes MHA's approach to M&A so unique and valuable to buyers and sellers in the market.


Don't Know What You Need?

Let us provide you with an operational assessment. It will highlight areas for greatest efficiency improvements. We can start there.