Why You Shouldn’t Worry About a Staff Shortage

There are workforce shortages across the nation, and home health and hospices are not immune to the employee drought. The COVID-19 pandemic has not helped the situation as more agencies struggle to hire quality employees. The pandemic, along with many other stressful issues, has put a strain on healthcare workers in the post-acute industry.

The pandemic did not initiate staff shortages. It had started long before a global pandemic hit our shores. More workers are choosing to work less hours due to limited resources and the added stresses of the job. What is even worse is that many new graduates are not likely to pursue nursing in home health or hospice, because they feel under prepared to serve older populations and their unique needs.

MHA & Staff Augmentation

At Maxwell Healthcare Associates, we watch the uneven tides of the healthcare industry closely. That’s why our solution to staff shortages is sought after by agencies across the nation. MHA is ready to step up when you need a helping hand. Our solidified staff augmentation plan allocates our resources and expertise to assist you at every facet of your organization. Whether it’s within operations, staffing, scheduling or any other process due to challenges at your agency, MHA’s remote capabilities can effectively step in to help.

MHA offers effective solutions with the help of our expert team of consultants and their remote capabilities. We are ready to augment, train and optimize your agency. Learn more by downloading our one-page document on how MHA can assist with your staff augmentation.

Staffing challenges in hospice care need not harm your agency. How you decide to tackle these problems will likely demonstrate the strength of your leadership. Contact us to learn how Maxwell Healthcare Associates can assist you with your organizational needs.