The MHA Difference: Implementing Technology with MHA

Updated: Mar 16

Imagine that you are a CEO/Owner of a home health or hospice and you just came off your best quarter ever. A quarter in which you saw the completion of your first acquisition (of your largest competitor) which coincides with the roll out of your brand new EMR. First, congratulations! Secondly, are you crazy? Third, now what? Over the next three months, you will be navigating your way through a rollercoaster of decisions from how you’re going to onboard all of your patients to how you’re going to merge two cultures into one unit. Not to mention the 52 million steps you need to take to make these transactions successful. How are you going to ensure that the time and effort you are about to exert is well worth it?

Implementing with MHA

At MHA, we understand each situation presents its own unique challenges. That’s why we assign an MHA senior consultant to dig into your processes to help build a road map to weave these two systems together. Our senior consultant will work with the MHA operations team to design a custom plan that will take your company from the close of a transaction to a new profitable location. During this process, MHA will work in conjunction with your team to develop teaching guides. These teaching guides allow our clients to customize their classes to ensure adoption of your new software, and it also ensures adoption in the manner your organization wishes to conduct business.

Empowering your organization with purposeful training

The training plan is a well-orchestrated ballet of 10,000 moving parts that moves together to get your team trained and supported over the next four weeks. After training is complete, the real learning begins. Our MHA rock stars will walk beside your team and help guide you with functionality, best practices, and lead them through the transition process. Since travel is uncertain at the moment, MHA now offers a robust new approach to supporting your team that combines both a proactive and reactive approach. Our project site leaders will monitor workflow, schedule supplemental trainings, and really take ownership of the transition process.

The reactive approach is handled by our MHA support center. The MHA Support Center is staffed with MHA professionals you need based on staff size. Your team will have one-on-one access to our MHA team wherever they are and when they need it most. This allows for your team to have confidence that they are not alone when they must go out and take care of a patient on the “new system”. At MHA, our network of #MHA rock starts have led this process multiple times and can help with those questions you did not know you needed to ask. Since we have such a large network of MHA Certified Training Consultants, we can scale to meet your needs. If you need us to bring on one new location or implement a new EMR for 5000+ employees, we have done it all!

Are you crazy? You are not crazy! You are a visionary. Now What? You are going to partner with Maxwell Healthcare Associates to get this seemingly impossible project done right. Contact us to learn how MHA can assist with your next implementation.

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