• Vivek Mathew

Team Member Spotlight: Meet our new Operations Assistant, Hunter Sorensen!

We are excited to introduce Hunter Sorensen, our new Operations Assistant, as February’s team member spotlight. Hunter comes to us as a recent marketing graduate from North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND. Yep, a Bison! We are fortunate to have had Hunter as an intern prior to his graduation where he was in charge of our social media content creation and assisted with back office operations.

Hunter’s loves include basketball, he loved it so much he played two years of college ball before landing at NDSU to complete his degree in marketing. For relaxation and unwinding, Hunter likes to play video games, but mostly loves spending time with friends and family. With basketball being such a big portion of his life, he will tell you that it has taught him some of the most meaningful skills in leadership and teamwork. These skills are such a great fit for the MHA team, “Hunter is a great addition to the team both from the sales and marketing side as well as the operations side.” Co-CEO Jennifer Maxwell says, “We are grateful to have him join us and to continuously enhance, maximize and optimize our internal operations to best serve our clients and customers!”

As our operations assistant Hunter is pivotal in bridging our MHA back office operations together to ensure we are running on all cylinders as well as continuing to grow our brand with our marketing efforts. Although marketing is a passion for Hunter, he will tell you that what he does operationally for MHA is meaningful work. “I know that the services we offer healthcare providers are ultimately going to affect the patients they serve. It is rewarding to know that what we do makes a difference in people’s lives and I’m glad to be a part of it!” Since the home health and hospice industry is new to Hunter, he is beginning to see the challenges and opportunities for MHA, our clients and our client’s patients.

Being a recent college grad, Hunter feels that there is so much to learn about the industry we serve, “I’m learning something new every day,” Hunter says, “It is exciting to wake up and jump back into the work. I feel that the advantage of working for MHA is working directly with our CEO’s [Tom and Jennifer Maxwell] who have so much experience within the industry and enjoy sharing their knowledge and mentoring each team member. I feel very lucky for that.” Hunter is a very forward thinker who has shown his ambition and passion towards his work and we are excited to see what more is in store for this young man!

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