Overcoming Staffing Issues in Hospice

Hospice care is a life-saver for those that utilize its services. Care providers that invest the time in their patients is what makes hospice care so attractive to families that rely on such organizations. However, not everything is perfect. Hospice agencies consistently face staffing challenges that become overbearing. These problems impede the effectiveness of care and overall operations of an agency. Thankfully, these problems are not without solutions.

The need for qualified candidates

An increase in hospice demand requires the need to find qualified staff. The need for great candidates lags behind growth patterns seen in relation to experienced caregivers. Without qualified staff, your organization cannot admit more patients. If you do have to turn down patients, this may negatively impact your relationship with referral partners. As more caregivers enter the industry, your agency needs solutions that can handle the influx of new hires.

Staffing the MHA Way

MHA is ready to step up when you need a helping hand. Our solidified staff augmentation plan allocates our resources and expertise to assist you at every facet of your organization. Whether it’s operations, staffing, scheduling or any other process due to various challenges, MHA’s remote capabilities can effectively step in to help.

MHA offers effective solutions with the help of our expert team of consultants and their remote capabilities. We’re ready to augment, train and optimize your agency. Learn more by downloading our one-page document on how MHA can assist with your staff augmentation.

Staffing challenges in hospice care need not harm your agency. How you decide to tackle these problems will likely demonstrate the strength of your agency. Contact us to learn how Maxwell Healthcare Associates is ready to assist your agency with staffing issues.

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