MHA’s Solution to Staff Augmentation

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

These are strange times for all of us. Together we face new challenges each day as we continue to keep our agencies online. Organizations like yours need to continue without much interruption and require all hands-on deck to keep your processes running at any cost. This isn’t easy to do when there is a global pandemic at our doorsteps. That’s why MHA is ready to step up when you need a helping hand. Our solidified staff augmentation plan allocates our resources and expertise to assist you at every facet of your organization. Whether it’s operations, staffing, scheduling or any other process due to various challenges, MHA’s remote capabilities can effectively step in to help.

Crossing your “T’s” and dotting your “I’s” with revenue cycle management

It’s vastly important to stay abreast of your revenue cycle management to make the necessary improvements. Providers with few amounts of denials are the ones that know at any given time the status of every claim and how much money is bound to come into your organization. Successful organizations are ones that monitor which claims are paid and followed-up with to prevent outstanding claims. Plus, documentation is also key to ensure information is aligned and legible in order to make sure that care is coordinated across disciplines.

If your organization needs some guidance with your revenue cycle, then look no further. MHA is here to fill in the gaps through a simple assessment as we look to optimize your processes. Our assessment identifies areas to enhance and realize efficiencies to prioritize changes so that your procedures meet regulatory compliance. Plus, our team has over 20 years of industry expertise to train and support your organization with the tools you need.

Staying on top of billing

Billing is another issue that takes a toll on agencies on a daily basis. Scrutiny across billing processes is just another day in home health and hospice. Despite the scrutiny, some in the industry continue on with business as usual even when they are not fully compliant.

At MHA, our staff of professionals are ready to assist with your billing needs. Our clinical reviewers will ensure your claims are correct, compliant, and certify your organization is paid.

COVID-19 screening

As COVID-19 continues, hospices need help as they screen patients and staff for the virus. Many agencies have already established infection prevention measures in compliance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services indicate that those who operate in the home or in a community must be screened. However, this order initially left many in the industry to struggle as they set up their own screening procedures without much detailed guidance. When there’s a global pandemic at your door, you need helping hands to protect your staff and patients.

At MHA, we’re ready to pull up our sleeves and assist during these trying times. Our team is able to launch procedures specific to your environment to ensure screening measures like regular disinfection of surfaces and the prevention of regular visitors into a home are established at your organization.

MHA offers effective solutions with the help of our expert team of consultants and their remote capabilities. We’re ready to augment, train and optimize your agency. Learn more by downloading our single page document on how MHA can assist with your staff augmentation.

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