MHA is Ready to Help You with Your Remote Implementation

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

COVID-19 has forced many in the industry to alter their operations. As a result, some have chosen to either withhold or delay their implementation of their EMR. At MHA, we believe that staying ready for the next disruption is essential. That’s why we’ve assisted organizations of all sizes to prepare for interruptions and continue with their operations when an inconvenience of any sort occurs. During these trying times, we’re ready to assist with your entire operation remotely.

The experts at MHA understand you need resources, expertise, and proper training to keep your organization afloat. At MHA, we’ve already developed a system of procedures that continue to serve agencies throughout the nation. Our remote implementations will allow your organization to get up and running through the rough tides of healthcare’s torturous seas.

How does a remote implementation work?

We recognize that an implementation is certainly an investment and takes a credible amount of time. At MHA, we can make this process much easier as we assist remotely. Our implementations are all done using Zoom, a video conferencing application that offers convenience and the required social distancing you’re comfortable with at your organization. MHA will also conduct a technology check-in call. Prior to our trainings, the technology check-in call will ensure your organization has all of the necessary hardware and software to begin your implementation. This will prevent any wasted time around set up. Further, classes will have designated moderators to assist with questions and technology issues that may arise. If needed, we can always break out into separate sessions for attendees that may require additional help. Class sizes are also limited in space to ensure everyone is trained in each role.

Receive support at a moment’s notice

You require a support team that is ready to answer your list of concerns. MHA’s support line is staffed and ready for any and all questions that may arise. Plus, we’ll monitor your workflows and schedule check-in calls to address bottlenecks and areas of concern that require immediate attention.

At MHA, we’re devoted professionals ready to cater to your organization’s specific needs. That’s why we’re ready to help, and we can do it all in a remote setting. Contact us for additional information on how MHA can assist with your remote implementation:

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