Maximize Your Time by Simplifying Your Forms and Pathways

Maximize Your Time by Simplifying Your Forms and Pathways

Agencies today deal with countless number of forms and assessments that evaluate a patient's condition. This documentation is important, but it often becomes a tedious practice to fill out. In addition, regulatory jargon is often heavily utilized in these forms and can be difficult to comprehend. Thankfully, we have experts, like our MHA consultants, who are specialists in the industry with an understanding of the intersection between compliance and clinical documentation challenges in the field. Let’s dig a bit deeper on issues clinicians commonly face with their assessments.

The need for updated forms

We've all experienced outdated forms. Adjustments are necessary for software pathways and assessments to adapt to ever changing agency, state and federal requirements. However, as certain items become outdated, they are rarely “purged” from current data collection items, often resulting in redundancies or unnecessary documentation. Or take for example COVID-19, where there may be a need for assessment items to be updated as the evolution of the disease/impact of vaccination status evolves.

Too many words

Often forms can be a bit wordy or heavily laden with regulatory or technical jargon. It can be difficult to understand these forms and to complete them in a timely manner. At times, a form may need to be retooled to simplify the process. A few changes to the wording of an assessment question may be all that is required to ensure that a clinician is capturing accurate documentation/establishing skilled need.

At your service

When we work with a client that needs assistance, we do a deep dive into their assessment forms and pathways. We look for outdated material, redundancies, and potential regulatory requirement gaps. Then we come back with recommendations and best practice options for the client to choose from. If needed, our experts at MHA are available to complete the edits.

It is our goal to help decrease the documentation burden on clinicians, while at the same time utilizing software prompts, to guide field staff towards effective, efficient, and accurate electronic notes. Our recommendations can assist your agency, and your clinicians, with improved proficiency through customized forms and assessments designed to suit your agency’s needs.

Let’s talk further if your team needs attention with your assessments or pathways. We are always happy to connect!

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