June Consultant of the Month: Chelsea Hedemen

As we kick off a new month, it’s time to announce our Consultant of the Month. Congratulations to Senior Consultant, Chelsea Hedemen!

Chelsea came to MHA back in our infancy in 2017, and our team couldn’t have been happier. Chelsea brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge, and she knows how to manage both projects and people. For MHA, she specializes in Homecare Homebase (HCHB) clinical/operational software implementation and adoption. Her role mainly focuses on the management of larger scaled implementations.

She is a co-worker and client favorite as she does her best to understand you and your organization to better reach solutions catered to your needs. She has a contagious smile and a go-getter attitude that motivates everyone in her vicinity to be the best they can be.

Chelsea’s background

Prior to working for MHA, Chelsea worked for Homecare Homebase (HCHB) and then moved to a large consulting firm. In her former positions she worked a lot with HCHB implementations and project management.

Originally from Burlington, Vermont, Chelsea currently resides in Boulder, Colorado with her husband who is also an MHA consultant Rockstar. She’ll tell you that her husband is her MHA co-pilot and, “the best and smartest human she knows,” according to Chelsea.

In Boulder, you may find Chelsea and her husband hiking, cycling, or exploring the trails around the canyon near their house. She also loves meditation, yoga, cooking, and kickboxing. Her other hobbies include listening to podcasts on personal development and psychology. Chelsea believes this hobby has helped her excel in her job as an MHA consultant. “Most days, our work is more about managing people and their emotions around change. So that hobby has served me well in this career, since you’re on the front lines with a customer moving through high stress/fast-paced organizational change,” says Chelsea.

Chelsea’s MHA experience

As mentioned previously, Chelsea came from a large-scale consulting firm prior to coming to MHA. When asked what she likes the most about working for a smaller firm she replied, “Coming from such a large consulting firm with all the bureaucracy and red tape, I enjoy the laid back, self-driven environment. I have also learned a lot about myself at this company and have flexed my project management, leadership, and creative muscles more in 4 years than a decade at any other company.” Chelsea has a passion for being the best at what she does, and she does not disappoint. Whether she’s working with her team or a client, she makes everyone in the room feel smarter and motivated to do better. After being on project with Season’s Hospice, their Sr. Vice President, Jennifer Nycz had these kind words to say about Chelsea, “Within minutes of meeting her in person, her smile and outgoing personality put everyone at ease. Chelsea took the time to get to know our processes. Not just write them down, but really get to know them. Through the next few months, she was able to remember and articulate these processes as we went through the process of our discovery and build. She was such a calming presence and helped us tremendously in preparing for the HCHB process/build/and transition. We were lucky to start our Maxwell relationship with Chelsea supporting our team,” said Nycz.

Chelsea is a tremendous leader and educator. She is extremely organized, focused, and passionate about streamlining efforts to create better solutions. “We can put her on any project, and she will go above and beyond. Her knowledge of the industry and EMR systems goes unmatched. She is always professional, organized and works so well with others. Our customers love working with Chelsea and often continue new projects with Maxwell knowing they will get to work with Chelsea again,” says Senior Consultant, Bailey Goin.

The MHA team is glad to have such a strong and respected leader like Chelsea. Thank you for the amazing work you do for our team and clients. Congrats, Chelsea!

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