How Robot Process Automation (RPA) Helps Connect Disparate Systems and Increase Efficiencies

Updated: Mar 16

The use of technology to help organizations produce meaningful work and gain previously unheard efficiencies is the eventual goal of all users of technology. Nowhere is this more needed than in the home health and hospice industry. Cost control is paramount in-home health and hospice when it comes to the foundation of a profitable business that will be able to weather the regulatory storms that seem to hit us every year. The home health and hospice systems are built on who can be the most efficient at the lowest cost and provide the patients with the highest level of care possible.

Therefore, it’s is incumbent upon providers to use every available tool to make this seemingly possible task profitable and prosperous for years to come. We would like to introduce you to a tool called Robot Process Automation (RPA) paired with Artificial Intelligence, and MHA currently works with an amazing new provider of this service named Element5.

Partnering with Element5 to deliver real-world solutions

By adding a layer of AI and business rules, Element5’s RPA equals robust, intelligent automation. This is much more than just recording clicks. To better serve our customers, MHA has partnered with Element5 to identify all workflows and processes that benefit from this new powerful tool. We are doing this to develop some ready-made solutions to cut the development process down even further. However, we do understand that no two agencies are alike, and MHA and Element5 are well versed in every aspect of this industry to quickly identify the best automations to fit your organization.

This relationship would be unlike any work with a contract developer to do custom automations. Custom developers are prohibitively expensive due to the knowledge gap they have around the complex world of home health and hospice. This saves on development time and expenses and allows MHA and Element5 to move quickly to deliver results. Plus, Element5 has robust dashboards, reporting, and analytics with every workflow developed to keep you in the know.

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of RPA/AI powered tools by Element5 is the fact that it connects disparate systems, people and processes, and merges them into one seamless automated workflow that can be managed effectively. Did I mention these automations work consistently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide an infinitely scalable workforce on demand? I know you want to know more. Reach out to me and I’d love to have a conversation about the powerful partnership that MHA and Element5 have cooked up for you.

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