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Updated: Apr 20

MHA is pleased to announce that Steve Hedeman is the Consultant of the Month for December. Steve’s product knowledge, calming demeanor, and work ethic have always put him head and shoulders above his peers. Beyond his recent accomplishments, Steve has always been a reliable MHA rockstar with substantial system knowledge. Congrats, Steve!

Known for his calm demeanor, Steve has the willingness to take on any challenge. Steve joined MHA back in January 2019 with the primary focus on leveraging industry and EMR knowledge to assist agencies through technology implementations and optimizations.

"Steve was thrown in the deep end in a brand new and undefined role for a HOS implementation and not only did he killed it with performance and customer service, but he designed and documented every detail of the role and process as he created it, so we can replicate going forward," said Hannah Echols, Senior Consultant. “His performance in this capacity has made our recent implementation the first end-to-end successful run of HOS Ladders automation with Element5!”


Steve worked at Homecare Homebase (HCHB) for six years as a project consultant in the Implementation Department. While at Homecare Homebase, he held several positions which allowed him to learn the software from various angles and how best to customize the setup to suit customer needs. While working at HCHB, Steve met his wife, Chelsea Hedeman, who is also an MHA rockstar.

Steve currently resides out of Boulder, CO, but grew up in Coppell, TX which is in the Dallas metroplex area. Since moving to Colorado, Steve has gotten into road cycling. One of his favorite things about Colorado is the great road climbs and small mountain towns you can bike to. Steve also enjoys running, hiking, traveling, and marathon training. He has completed five marathons and one half-ironman.

MHA Experience

Steve specializes in HCHB clinical/operational software implementation and optimizations, and he executes a variety of different roles under that umbrella. Everything from project managing large multi-waved implementations to being boots on the ground teaching end-user classroom trainings. Steve likes to bring light to all the setup nuances in HCHB so that customers are getting the most out of the software. Steve is very aware that EMR transitions can be some of the most stressful times for an organization and prides himself on being empathetic to the learning process and customer needs, while bringing a calming and empowering energy to everyone he works alongside. We asked Steve why he likes working for MHA and here’s what he had to say: “There are so many great reasons, but some of that stand out are the flexibility and self-starter mentality. I also enjoy feeling as though my effort has a direct impact on the outcome of a project I’m on. It’s easy at large corporations to feel like just another number, but at MHA I feel there’s a direct correlation between my effort and the result which inspires me to work that much harder.” Steve was lucky enough to learn from top-tier industry leaders when he worked at HCHB and would love to pay it forward to others on our team, just like others did for him.

Please join us in congratulating Steve Hedeman on achieving December’s Consultant of the Month!

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