August Consultant of the Month | Adrienne Murphy

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

We are so happy to announce this month’s Consultant of the Month, Adrienne Murphy! Adrienne joined the MHA team exactly one year ago in August of 2020. Her role consists of EMR training, on-site support, and project management in many customer implementations. Adrienne has a tremendous amount of experience with EMRs and is an incredible educator.

Adrienne’s Background

Adrienne came to MHA with a passion to become an MHA Rockstar upon being on the customer side with MHA for two separate EMR implementations. She started as a hospice field nurse over 17 years ago. Since then, Adrienne moved into many leadership roles throughout her career. She even was an executive director of a hospice agency before she decided to go back to school for her Master’s in nursing in 2020.

Born and raised in Evansville, Indiana, Adrienne currently resides very close to her hometown over in Newburgh, Indiana. She’ll tell you that Indiana is the best state to experience all four seasons throughout the year. Her hobbies include bringing her family camping, or vacationing on a beach during the summers. Adrienne has a husband of 15 years with two children ages 20 and 14.

Adrienne's MHA Experience

As mentioned, Adrienne has experienced what it’s like to be on the customer side of an MHA EMR implementation project. “Seeing the MHA team’s level of excitement and satisfaction with their careers made me want to be a part of their team,” said Adrienne. Her view of success comes from great teamwork, communication, and collaboration. The MHA team prides themselves on our teamwork and collaboration which is exactly what Adrienne was looking for in working for MHA. “There comes a point in life where happiness and less stress in your career is at the top of the priority list. Working for MHA gives me exactly that,” said Adrienne.

Adrienne has been the talk among the MHA leadership team because of her recent work managing a current implementation project with a customer. “Her work with this project and the prep for the upcoming implementation has been beyond reproach and noteworthy,” said Director of Operations, Deryll Durr. “She has been locked in on every turn and the customer has not seen how hard she paddled under the water as she was calm on the surface.”

Congratulations, Adrienne, on becoming our August Consultant of the Month!

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