April Consultant of the Month: Kevin Jones

Updated: May 5, 2021

We are very happy to announce Kevin Jones as April’s Consultant of the Month! Kevin is an amazing asset for our team and customers. His industry experience and knowledge along with his passion, energy, and tough work ethic is the complete embodiment of an MHA Rockstar. Congratulations, Kevin!

Getting to know Kevin

Kevin came to MHA in February of 2019. Prior to MHA, he had over 14 years of industry experience working in hospice. Kevin served as an executive director for a hospice agency in Tennessee and Mississippi where he oversaw all clinical, sales, and operational teams. Kevin’s experience runs deep in all directions, but it’s his teamwork and dependability that makes him valuable on the MHA team.

“Kevin is the true definition of what it is to be an MHA Rockstar. I can depend on him for anything, and he always gives 110% effort. I am so happy to have him on our team, and his presence with MHA is invaluable,” said MHA Senior Consultant of Operations, Bailey Goin. Even our Chairman, Tom Maxwell, commented on Kevin’s teamwork, “Kevin is always willing and committed to helping the team and customers. He defines the tag #MHARockstar and demonstrates our internal motto “making doing business with us easy”. Everyone is Kevin’s customer, and he treats both internal and external customers exactly the same, with class and modesty! We are very proud to have Kevin on the MHA team, ”said Maxwell.

MHA customers love to work with Kevin because of his amazing, team-orientated approach. Bailey Goin, Senior Consultant of Operations at MHA, share's a great story from a time Kevin was on a project. "Kevin was onsite for a customer who had a very stressed-out social worker on the verge of tears and quitting. Kevin really made an impact on the worker. Kevin was able to help calm her nerves and patiently walk through the new processes with her. She was very grateful for not only Kevin's knowledge of the system but for his positive attitude that helped her see this change through," said Goin.

Kevin's specialties include operations, EMR implementation, business development, sales, executive leadership, and branch development. His role for our customers is to maintain effective communication to promote deeper understanding and collaborative problem solving to reach common goals and optimizing engagement.

Getting personal with Kevin

Kevin currently resides in Brandon, Mississippi where he serves as the President of the Comfort Care Coalition, formerly known as the Mid-South Coalition for Comfort Care and Bioethics (MCCCB). The coalition is a broad-based community network of healthcare consumers, families, educators, and professionals. Their mission is to educate community members and providers concerned with chronic illness issues or serious illness through the end-of-life.

During Kevin’s free time, he loves to help others through volunteering. He also loves to read, cook, hike, and see the world. Kevin’s motto is living life to the fullest and taking in every moment as he tries new things. Which is why you may catch him at a spin class!

Congratulations, Kevin! We're proud of the work you continue to do for MHA! You emobody the motto and spirit of what it means to be an MHA consultant. Are you interested in becoming a consultant for MHA? Apply today: www.maxwellhca.com/careers

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