A Look into MHA’s Professional Consultant Training Process

At MHA, we pride ourselves on our consultant training methods. Our consultant rockstars are the forefront of our business and the reason we’re at the top of our industry in home health and hospice consulting. Our training process is efficient, and we provide all the tools and knowledge to help our rockstars continuously grow within the industry.

Why is training so important to us?

We believe that high quality training will lead to greater success for our customers. Agencies look to us to help them find efficiencies and implement technology to provide better care to patients. With an industry experienced and highly trained staff, MHA can ensure a high level of success for any project we partake. Ultimately, our consultant training is shown through our results.

What MHA looks for in a consultant

Why do we call our consultants “rockstars”? Our Senior Consultant, Bailey Goin, explains the role of an MHA Rockstar. “We are MHA Rockstars for a reason. We want those high caliber consultants that we can rely to not only learn the MHA way, but take us even further than that.” MHA’s definition of a “rockstar” is someone who fits our mantra: hungry, humble, and smart. The type of person to fit the profile of an MHA rockstar is someone who is self-driven and eager to learn, has a team-player mindset, and is resourceful.

According to MHA’s Director of Field Operations, David Sterling, Maxwell consultants have a special mindset and a set of specialized skills to truly thrive in the industry. “We’re taking good, self-driven, industry experienced people who have the capacity to elevate their skillsets,” said Sterling. Becoming the next MHA rockstar is no easy task, but the rewards are immense. We offer opportunity for growth and equip our consultants with all the tools and resources they need to flourish out in the field.

Consultant onboarding

Upon accepting a role as a consultant for MHA, our new rockstars are set to learn about our entire business. Each department takes the time to teach each new consultant about aspects of MHA and why they are important. This gives consultants a better understanding of our business model, and it also offers them a chance to meet our leadership and back office team. During this time, they are taught how we assign them to new projects, what a “day in the life” of an MHA consultant looks like, and anything else they need before training can commence. During the onboarding process, we believe it is important for our team members to feel part of a family and understand everyone’s roles in the company. We want our rockstars to be proud to represent the MHA family.

Training and continuous learning

MHA’s training involves a rigorous certification process, continuous learning, and mentorship. The certification process is led by our senior consultants who teach the classes we offer to new members. Our classes cover many aspects of the industry so our new consultants can excel in avenues they desire or polish their current skillsets.

We like the term “continuous learning” because that is exactly what our consultants get to do while working for MHA. All of our rockstars have access to a large number of resources to prepare them for their time in the field. Also, MHA holds frequent internal fireside chats that are virtual lessons where any of our consultants can listen and interact. Senior Consultant, Bailey Goin, is one of our training leaders who hosts these chats. “Our fireside chats are just within our organization that usually shine light on the services we provide and gives you an educational overview of those items that are different from implementation.”

Training people is MHA’s bread and butter. With our resources and experienced knowledge base, our rockstars have everything they need. We welcome and encourage growth by providing extra resources that involve continuous learning and mentorship. We are looking for industry experienced people who are self-driven and fit our hungry, humble, and smart rockstar profile. If this is you, and you’re looking for a workplace that pushes you to elevate your skillset, apply today at www.maxwellhca.com/careers.

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