VIDEO: Maxwell Minute--PDGM Assessment and Optimization for your Home Health Agency

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

November, December and then PDGM. Could your home health agency use some help to round out planning, execution and success? What about just some extra boots on the ground? Look, everyone in your agency already has a full-time job. Let our team members come help out for the next few months to ensure you're ready for the big payment shift.

Our PDGM readiness service begins with a full agency assessment. We use proprietary data technology to delve into you're agency's specific metrics. We find what needs to be fixed and what needs to be emboldened for PDGM. We then put our findings into action with our full optimization.

This consists of fixing the things that need to be fixed, capitalizing on those areas of opportunity, retraining your team and establishing reports and dashboards to keep your team in sync through the changes and beyond.

You can learn more about our agency-specific PDGM service in this one pager, and/or, just check out our short video below:

Personalized PDGM Assessment

Also, maybe in response to PDGM, you're thinking of selling your agency. Reach out to us. We have a service just for you. We can prepare your agency for the market and then work with you through the M&A process.

If you're still looking for additional PDGM resources, check out some of ours below:

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