Meet MHA's Home Health and Hospice Consultant, Steve Hedeman

Meet our home health and hospice consulting rockstar, Steve Hedeman!

As a Maxwell home health and hospice consultant, Steve's primary focus is to leverage industry and EMR knowledge to assist agencies through technology implementations and optimizations.

Prior to MHA, Steve was a project consultant with Homecare Homebase (HCHB). In that role, he was responsible for helping new customers navigate through pre-implementation by identifying reasons for transitioning EMRs and ensuring their underlying goals were met.

Overall, his focus when working with organizations through these major technological transitions is to consult with customer leadership every step of the way through the database setup decisions and to thread the needle between the customer needs and HCHB best practices.

Steve holds a bachelor's degree in business management from Harding University. When he's not consulting with home health and hospice agencies, he's either traveling, running or road cycling.

Get to know Steve better through this quick Q&A:

Q:Why are you passionate about the work you do or home health and hospice care?

A: The love for what I do continually grows with every interaction I have with selfless home health and hospice providers. They play an integral role in what’s sometimes a family’s or individual’s most vulnerable stage in life, and they’re asked to do it in the most personal setting --t he patient’s home. It’s extremely rewarding to directly impact so many inspiring healthcare providers and their patients.

I should mention, I’m also passionate about this industry because I met my wife while working at HCHB. We got married last year in Tuscany!

Q:What trends/challenges/opportunities do you see in the industry?

A: Change is something every industry must deal with, but in this industry specifically it’s becoming more and more of a reoccurring theme. This leaves health care providers in a perpetual state of uncertainty.

As frustrating as that can be, it also presents an opportunity for nimble providers who are willing to quickly adapt and evolve. It’s those agencies who meaningfully leverage their EMRs that excel -- both in their comparative markets and ultimately in patient care quality.

As the space becomes more competitive, it’ll be no surprise when we see an obvious correlation between successful agencies and their approach to change management.

Q: Any personal photos you'd like to include?

A: As I mentioned, I love traveling and cycling -- so does my wife (picture of us on our wedding day below)! Luckily, we've been able to combine those two hobbies -- we have cycled through both Italy and Switzerland. I included a picture of that below. We're deciding where we want to go next! Let me know if you have suggestions!

Steve and Chelsea Hedeman home health and hospice consultant wedding
steve hedeman home health and hospice consultant cycling

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