We'll Answer Your Pressing PDGM Questions During Our October Webinar

what are your home health pdgm questions? we've got answers.

It's crunch time for your home health agency when it comes to PDGM prep. The good news, we've got you covered. Join our FREE webinar to learn what your agency needs to prioritize throughout October, November, December 2019 and beyond. We'll break it down for you month-by-month so you'll have a convenient checklist to take back to your agency.

We promise you, this is not another PDGM webinar that simply covers the changes already laid out by CMS. Our senior consultants will discuss where most agencies are falling short and, more importantly, what the fixes are.

In addition to the PDGM webinar presentation, our co-founders Jennifer and Tom Maxwell will join our senior consultants in a PDGM panel discussion. They'll discuss the most frequently asked PDGM questions and offer perspectives that are certain to affect your PDGM action, communication and education plans.

To ensure we're answering the questions that matter most, we're opening up the lines so you can submit your questions directly. So far, here are a few questions your home health agency peers have submitted.

  • How is “standard wound care” impacted by these changes?

  • What dollar amount is going to be added back into the therapy base rate for a 60-day episode?

  • How is the therapy going to be handled? Who sets the amount of visits now?

  • What's the deal with billing under PDGM? Do you bill at 30 days then again at 60 days?

  • Can you review LUPA determinations and let us know what we need to do?

Have questions you want to add to the list? You can easily submit them when you reserve your spot in our webinar. Just press the button below! We look forward to hearing from you.

reserve your seat in our pdgm webinar and panel

*If you can't make the live webinar, go ahead and sign up anyway. You'll automatically get the recording after the live event.

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