Meet Our Home Health and Hospice Consultant, Dustin Cowan

dustin cowan home health and hospice consultant

If we had to choose one thing we're most proud of at MHA, it's our people--our team. Every Maxwell consultant not only brings unparalleled knowledge and expertise to his or her role, but also brings true passion for our industry.

Dustin Cowan exemplifies the prized skill plus enthusiasm combination.

Dustin holds a bachelor's in microbiology and public health. He graduated with honors and completed an undergraduate research thesis on Alzheimer's. He didn't stop there though. In addition to working full time and raising a family, he's currently working on a master's degree in healthcare informatics.

We know. He's awesome!

In his role as a Maxwell home health and hospice consultant, Dustin works primarily with agencies through EMR training prep development and due diligence operational reviews. He gained his expertise after working alongside home health and hospice agencies through EMR implementations at Homecare Homebase (HCHB).

In his years at HCHB, Dustin supported numerous home health agencies across seven states with training, development and outcome-oriented measures to improve the agencies’ overall operations. He was also responsible for supporting branches that recently transitioned to HCHB by helping them close out their billing software, monitor for signs of workflow or process back-up and provide additional training.

Get to know Dustin better by checking out our Q&A below:


Q: What do you like to do when you're not working?

A: I am a dad to two boys--Jaxxon (5) and Ezra (3). So, much of my free time is spent playing dinosaurs which consists of me stomping through the house growling.

My wife, Ashley, and I both come from an equestrian performing background. We met working as trick riders for an equestrian theatre and share a love for horses. Every chance we get, we enjoy horseback riding through Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

*See a picture of Dustin and his adorable family below!

I am also a huge public radio junky. If you see me with my earbuds in, I'm likely listening to NPR.

Q: What are your thoughts on the current state of our industry? What trends do you see emerging?

A: I am particularly interested in how technology continues to integrate with healthcare. With data giving us more and more isights about the best ways to care for our patients, I know we'll see more from EMRs. While historically EMRs have done a great job documenting patients' care, moving forward EMRs will elevate care with more data-driven insights and workflows. I know technology is the answer we're all looking for when it comes to exponentially improving our healthcare system.

dustin cowan and family

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