Everyone's Favorite Home Health and Hospice Consultant--Kevin Jones

home health and hospice consultant kevin jones

We are so proud to introduce you to our home health and hospice consultant, Kevin Jones. We'll tell you about his professional accomplishments and do our Q&A with him. Before that, we want to share some words his MHA coworkers have sent in about him.

-"Kevin has been the life of the party this week onsite with our client. His positivity and bright smile had everyone flocking to him. Everyone has so many great things to say about him.

Not only is he great to work with, he has a way of calming team members which is especially helpful during technology implementations. For example, one of our client agency's social workers was very upset about the EMR transition. So upset that she actually had her resignation letter prepared and an interview at another agency set up.

Kevin was able to sit with her one-on-one, reassured her and was there to review any new EMR protocols with her to ease her frustration. She told one of her co-workers that Kevin was the reason she canceled her interview and decided to stay with the agency we've been working with.


I just wanted to let you guys know (as I am sure you do) how amazing Kevin is and what an incredible asset he has been to the Maxwell team. Amazing work Kevin!"


-"Kevin has such an uplifting and positive presence onsite. He is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and prepared for anything that's thrown his way. Anyone who gets to work with Kevin will be better for it. So lucky to have him on the team!"

Here's more about what makes Kevin, Kevin.

As an MHA consultant, Kevin works with home health and hospice agencies primarily through EMR and technology optimizations and implementations. Kevin says his goal is to help customers change their thoughts behind new processes to achieve positive results.

Kevin has been working in the home health and hospice space for more than 13 years. Directly preceding his role with Maxwell, Kevin was serving as the executive director of a hospice agency in Mississippi and Tennessee.

Kevin holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in business administration. Currently, he serves as the vice president of the Mid-South Coalition for Comfort Care and Bioethics (MCCCB), a broad-based community network of healthcare consumers, families, educators and professionals. The organization's mission is to educate community members and providers concerned with issues from chronic illness or serious illness through end of life. Additionally, Kevin is the facilitator of a caregiver’s support group at his church.

In his spare time, you can find Kevin reading, volunteering, traveling, cooking and hiking.

To get to know him even better, here's a quick Q&A with Kevin.

Q: Why are you passionate about the work you do at Maxwell?

A: My passion in life is to maximize every moment to its fullest while making an impact for others. Oprah says it best: “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” Working with MHA allows me the privilege of sharing my expertise energetically to help influence team members and transform home health and hospice organizations.

Q: Why are you passionate about home health and hospice care?

I love helping others and hearing about the care venue's positive impact on families. Through my years in this industry, it's been common for strangers to approach me in public if I'm wearing a company logo from an agency or healthcare organization. They'll typically do one of two things: 1. They may tell me about a loved one in the hospital and ask questions about the next step in the loved one's care journey. 2. They may share a personal home care experience where they detail what a nurse, physical therapist, home health aide, social worker or chaplain has done for either them or a loved one. It's always so incredible to hear these accounts and know that I'm a part of this life changing, compassionate industry.

Q:. What trends/challenges/opportunities do you see in the industry?

A: The healthcare industry today is evolving rapidly. Creating efficiencies and opportunities to provide high quality care is at the forefront. Agencies are looking toward data-based technology initiatives to lower costs and improve the patient experience. Those agencies that can do this best and provide personalized care will thrive. At Maxwell, we're helping agencies do just that.

home health and hospice consultant kevin jones

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