Meet Jodi Bourdin--Our Home Health Industry Veteran

Jodi Bourdin home health and hospice consultant

As a Maxwell consultant, Jodi focuses on home health and hospice EMR implementation training and electronic forms creation and revision--all with the goal of helping clients realize optimal EMR utilization to enable exceptional care quality.

An impassioned industry veteran, Jodi has worked in the home health and hospice space for 25 years. Directly preceding her current role at MHA, Jodi was a home health agency administrator whose primary focus was educating staff members on electronic software use and updates, OASIS, policy and procedures and regulatory compliance. Additionally, in that role, she worked to develop and revise electronic documentation, with a goal of guiding quality documentation while minimizing excessive clicks and other redundancies.

If that wasn’t enough, Jodi was actually on the original team that transitioned her agency from paper documentation to electronic software. She was subsequently on the Homecare Homebase (HCHB) internal implementation project team.

Jodi holds two bachelor’s degrees. One in physical therapy and the other in English. She holds a COS-C certification and is a long standing APTA member.

So you can get to know her better (and learn just how awesome she is), we thought we’d do a quick Q&A:

Q: When you’re not working to embolden and transform home health and hospice agencies, what do you like to do?

A: I am an exercise and natural health nut. Along with that, I enjoy Qi Gong, which is kind of like Tai Chi. I also love to Cajun dance with my husband! He is my childhood sweetheart and continues to be the love of my life. Also, I love the beach and aquariums--yes, aquariums. I seriously considered becoming a marine biologist. While I ended up not pursuing that, marine life conservation has remained near and dear to my heart.

Q: Why are you passionate about the work you do in home health and hospice care? From an industry perspective, I made home health my career choice more than 25 years ago and it’s because it’s such an important care venue. After all, no one ever says, “I can’t wait to get old, so I can go to the nursing home.”

I continue to be amazed and humbled as I assist those who work so very hard to enable the sick, disabled or elderly to stay exactly where they want to be--IN THEIR OWN HOMES.

From a consultant perspective, nothing gives me more satisfaction than to see someone have that lightbulb moment. Or, when I get an email from a customer who is so grateful for the forms creation or revision because the end user is happier. I live for those moments, and it makes me so very happy to get up and get going each and every day!

Q: What’s it like to work at MHA?

A: I also absolutely LOVE working for this company! We are steadily growing but at the same time maintaining an intricate network of experts. We all are so incredibly motivated to ensure our clients’ best outcomes, best processes and best growth.

Q: Anything else you'd like to add?

A: In today’s ever-changing health care environment, we’re all so worried about efficiency, but we can’t let that intrude on quality. So many times, I see a focus on productivity--and that is of course very important--but what about documentation quality? Are your electronic forms meeting current regulatory requirements while at the same time reducing documentation burden and redundancy? The good news is, efficiency and quality are not mutually exclusive. To the contrary, when processes are optimized correctly, efficiency begets quality. We have to be mindful about this dynamic though. At the end of the day, we’re all here to improve patients' experiences and care quality. We can’t ever forget the goal of quality care.

Jodi Bourdin home health consultant with husband and baby dolphin

(Above) Here's Jodi with her husband and Elijah, a Hurricane Katrina rescue dolphin. He and some of his dolphin buddies were rescued and now live in Atlantis, Bahamas.

Jodi and Galit Maxwell Healthcare Associates home health and hospice consultants

(Above) Here's Jodi and a fellow MHA-er, Galit, in St. Augustine, Florida.

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