Here's What it's Like to Work at MHA

When Jennifer and Tom Maxwell launched MHA, part of their vision included assembling a team of the most impassioned and talented home health and hospice minds. They knew then that the biggest differentiator in any organization its people. You can only deliver quality services when you have quality people on your team.

We're so thrilled to boast that the MHA family is the definition of quality. Our consultants believe in the power of home health and hospice care and love coaching the industry in gaining efficiencies and effectiveness.

Here's what some of our rockstars have to say about their roles at MHA:

Jodi Bourdin Home health and hospice consultant

"I am so AMAZINGLY in love with my job! I meet new people in new places, am challenged and stimulated every day, but most importantly, I know I make a difference. I was born to teach, I was born to train and I was born to be in the healthcare profession because I love to help others. This career choice gives me all I was meant to be."

-Jodi Bourdin, MHA consultant

Bailey Goin home health and hospice consultant

"Not only does working for Maxwell allow me to travel the U.S. and discover new places, working for this team is all around wonderful. We all have so many strengths in broad areas so that when we come together, we become this great force. There is so much to learn from one another. I had a great job before Maxwell and it was such a tough decision to leave, but I have no regrets. Maxwell has been absolutely amazing. They hone in on my strengths and are always finding opportunities that challenge me to grow."

-Bailey Goin, MHA consultant

Here's more about our open consulting positions. If it sounds like you, please send us your resume and cover letter. We'd love to hear from you.

Here are some recent pictures of our incredible team.

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