Podcast: Home Health and Hospice Mergers and Acquisitions

MHA's co-CEO and founder, Jennifer Maxwell, recently appeared on Home Care Now, a bi-weekly podcast from CellTrak. It features interviews with home care industry leaders and experts who discuss current home health industry issues, trends and advice.

In Jenn's episode, she and host, Kristi Harris, discuss home health and hospice mergers and acquisitions. In their 30-minute conversation, they delve into how technology can help drive productivity to get to the ROI investors expect.

Jennifer maxwell home health merger and acquisition podcast

Check out their episode entitled "After the M&A Transaction: Combining Large Field Forces" today. You'll learn:

  • How to manage transition after the M&A transaction closes

  • Challenges facing a new organization created by a merger or acquisition – especially with large field forces

  • What leadership can do quickly to get to positive ROI post transaction

Are you a home health and/or hospice organization interested in help with a merger or acquisition? We can help. Whether you're in the preliminary phase of researching agencies to buy, or you're thinking about selling, or perhaps you're further a long and looking for assistance through due diligence or poster sale. Our experts are here for you. Email us today for more info.

Listen to the podcast here

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