Meet Lance Neely--The Most Interesting Home Health and Hospice Consultant in the World

Lance Neely home health and hospice consultant

Lance brings six years of home health and hospice industry experience to the Maxwell Team. As an MHA senior consultant, team lead and project manager (PMP), Lance helps deliver and support strategic plans for information technologies implementations. A change management leader, Lance is a Lean Six Sigma yellow belt. This expertise comes in handy when he’s helping home health and hospice organizations adopt and/or optimize technology.

Prior to joining MHA, Lance served as a project manager for a large home health and hospice agency. There, he organized and managed IT projects from the scoping phase to implementation and served as the primary internal consultant on process change. Other relevant experience includes Lance’s role as an implementation consultant at Homecare Homebase where he implemented electronic medical records solutions for more than 100 home health and hospice agencies

Lance holds a bachelor’s degree in international business from Central Oklahoma University. In his free time, you can find him cross fitting or traveling.

While that covers Lance’s resume, we wanted to learn more. Check out our quick Q&A (Trust us. You want to keep reading. Lance has some fun life experiences.):

Q: Why are you passionate about the work you do or home health and hospice care?

After experiencing hospice with a family member, I knew it was a calling for me. I enjoy the satisfaction I get when assisting a patient, family or caregiver who is going through or involved with the end-of-life process. Allowing a patient to die with dignity is everything. I am passionate about ensuring patients feel like they are supported until the very end.

Q: What excites you about Lean 6 Sigma?

I enjoy working with people to develop and implement lean processes to make everyone’s life easier and enable better patient care. Finding the quickest, easiest and most efficient solutions drives business and patient satisfaction.

Q: We learned about a few of your hobbies in your bio above. Any others?

I mentioned I love traveling. What I didn’t mention earlier was that after college I was fortunate enough to take a trip around the world. The adventure lasted four years. I also love SCUBA diving, beer sampling, weird festivals, the Olympics and Britney Spears.

Q: Give us three fun facts?

  1. I grew up as a military brat, moving around every two years or so. That being said, I don’t really have anywhere I call home. But, I have been able to live in the countries -- The USA, Mexico, and Turks and Caicos.

  2. I got a full scholarship to the University of Hawaii for Cheerleading. I got hurt and finished up at The University of Central Oklahoma.

  3. I ran away and joined the Mexican circus after college. I was a trapeze artist and got paid in pesos. (True Story.)

Bonus: I have two brothers. One lives in Tulsa, Ok and is married with two kids. The other lives in LA and is on reality show. Message me about your EMR implementation or optimization and I’ll tell you which one :).

Below Lance is picture (right) with some fellow MHA-ers-- David and Galit. They took a field trip to the Minneapolis Botanical Gardens.

david, galit and lance at the miami gardens

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