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We recently teamed up with Gateway Home Health Coding. We vetted handfulls of coding and recovery companies in the industry and Gateway is hands down, the best. They boast high accuracy ratings, no long-term contracts, certified coders and affordability (competitors can't beat their pricing).

They're offering a FREE OASIS audit for your home health agency through mid December. Sign up to learn more here.

To give you a bit more info on this offer, we did a quick Q&A with them.

Q: What it required of an agency to get started with a FREE audit?

A: Our audit/comparative Coding is a very simple process. We send an agreement to an authorized representative of your agency. This agreement covers HIPAA and PHI requirements for Gateway to review patient specific documentation. Once the BAA is signed by all parties, a Gateway clinical specialist will contact your home health agency to conduct a brief agency-specific orientation. Your agency would then issue Gateway access to the Electronic medical record system (software) and assign the appropriate audit-able episodes. Once access is assigned and granted, the audit will be conducted and all findings will be delivered back to your agency in a timely manner.

Q: What errors or areas for improvement do you usually find?

A: Typically, most agencies have significant errors related to their coding and documentation practices. Overall, they are lacking the level of specificity required within the ICD-10 diagnosis codes, under current coding guidelines. Most are also inaccurately assigning codes to underlining symptoms rather than the primary disease process or acute conditions warranting the need for home health services.

The majority of these errors are a direct reflection of clinical documentation that is lacking throughout the comprehensive assessment and the referral documentation.

Within the comprehensive assessment (OASIS), we see that agencies often struggle with underscoring, inconsistent interpretation of data elements and supportive documentation. All of these issues affect the agency's case-mix, HHRG and Outcomes.

Also affected is the agency's overall compliance with Medicare regulations. Inaccurate OASIS documentation and scoring directly impacts an agency's ability to provide timely and appropriate care to the patient and develop a comprehensive foundation for payment and survey.

Q: How much does a traditional Gateway audit cost?

  • Free Audit - Gateway will coordinate a reasonable amount of assessments for your agency. This audit will have the sole purpose of exposing deficits related to ICD-10 Coding and OASIS interpretation. This does not require a contract for services.

  • Percentage Audit - Gateway will provide Coding and QA services to your agency on a predetermined percentage of assessments, typically on a monthly basis. This type of service does require a contract and applies to the pricing structure negotiated with your agency.

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