Is Your EMR Properly Optimized? Probably Not.

Nearly 60 percent of physicians believe EHRs need a complete overhaul, according to recent research by Standford Medicine and a survey by the Harris Poll.

The same research shows most physicians (44 percent) said the primary value of the EHR is data storage, compared to its clinical abilities such as disease prevention and management (3 percent) clinical decision support (3 percent) and patient engagement (2 percent).

Instead of overhauling to realize additional value, we suggest optimizing.

We find that most home health and hospice agencies aren't using their EMRs to their fullest ability. Why? Well If your organization implemented your EMR two or more years ago, chances are the initial trained users are no longer with your organization. After all, our industry has a 25 percent turnover rate. Even if they are, so much has changed since your initial implementation period. Your internal users’ roles have changed, the EMR has rolled out updates you may or may not be leveraging and the industry has presented new regulations. Lastly, in many cases, your EMR may not have been set up correctly to being with. Your team and your technology need a reset to ensure you’re getting the most out of your EMR.

We can help.

Let our team of consultants do for you what they've done for dozens of other home health and hospice agencies. Let us optimize your EMR so that you're getting the full value from your EMR investment.

We find when organizations learn how to fully optimize their EMRs, satisfaction skyrockets, care quality improves and the business runs more efficiently.

The MHA team has experts on hand who understand EMRs inside and out. In many cases, our experts were a part of building the EMR your agency uses. This knowledge, combined with our agency-specific approach enables us to configure your EMR to best work for your organization.

We’ll start with our personalized operational assessment. This entails pulling various reports to audit your system, users and processes. From there, we’ll identify key areas to optimize and realize efficiencies and work with you to prioritize necessary changes. Once changes are made, we’ll re-train your team and continually coach them to success to ensure your EMR continues to work for and with you.

Agencies who work with MHA to optimize their EMRs realize significant value in various capacities. In a recent preliminary operational assessment, we identified CoP process inconsistencies, branches with larger than average unresolved visits and an opportunity to recoup savings of more than $4.5 million.

Let us provide you with a preliminary operational assessment. Email us today to learn more about our EMR optimization service.

*See below for our Optimization Service one pager.

Home Health EMR optimization

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