This is Why We Do What We Do--So We can Help Home Health Caregivers do What They do Best

Home health clinician thank you note

As consultants, we're often called to help out in times of change.

Change is hard. Especially for folks who weren't a part of the initial decision to make a change. That's often the scenario for home health and hospice clinicians. The hurdles of adjusting to new owners, new regulations and new methods of performing work can trigger increased tension, uncertainty, frustration and other forms of job stress. Since our industry is in a major state of transition, this change atmosphere is ubiquitous.

Lending support, encouragement and a smile during change is essential.

Recently, one of our rockstar MHA team members was working with an agency's team through an EMR change. During the course of the transition, our team member had the opportunity to be a source of comfort and reassurance to a home health agency nurse.

Here's more about the experience from the perspective of our MHA team member:

In this instance I was working with the on-call nurse, who was a long-term employee of the agency we were working with. She was faced with the stress of having to do her first admission under the new EMR. She did not feel empowered to independently perform the admission and experienced a bit of a, for lack of a better phrase, freak out.

At that time, I was able to to help her regain her composure and direct her to the tools she could use to be successful performing the admission.

I felt great knowing I could be there for her and make the transition successful for a hardworking and phenomenal caregiver.

Our MHA team member was thrilled when she received this note (written and pictured below) from the nurse referenced above:

Thank you so much for your care and concern for me last night. I heard you offering to go with me and you don't know how much that meant! For me, just knowing someone cares enough to show some support is more than any other help.

Your sweet smile and words of encouragement are very special to me! I am sorry I was too overwhelmed to receive them last night but please know they didn't go unnoticed and we very appreciated!

May God bless you for your love and compassion during this transition!

Thank you note from a home health clinician during an emr transition

At MHA we feel lucky to have the opportunity to help dedicated caregivers traverse the ever-changing home health and hospice environment. It's our mission to help ease any operational, financial, technical or clinical burdens to ensure caregivers have what they need to do what they do best--care for patients.

Coincidently, our president, Jennifer Maxwell, is leading a webinar next week on the topic of change management. If you're interested in some theories and tools to best manage transition for optimal results, sign up here.

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