Why You Need Our Help Implementing Your Home Health EMR

Home Health EMR implementation help

At Maxwell, we have a team of experts who have hands-on expertise with nearly every home health and/or hospice consulting need that may arise.

We have team members who built the business intelligence dashboards for the technology you use everyday.

We have team members who spent the better part of their careers managing finances and billing for the nation's largest home health and hospice agencies.

We have team members who have lived and breathed industry compliance and adherence for decades.

This is all to say, we've got you covered. (Here's our full service menu to prove it.)

While we do it all, we have a handfull of premier services that are in constant demand. One of those is our EMR implementation and project management service.

An EMR is a complex tool that can be tremendously beneficial to your agency, but requires fine tuning for a personalized and effective result. Our team has unparalleled experience with these technologies and understands the nuances of how features are actually used vs. how they're marketed. We know the best practices because we've seen and been a part of the technologies' development in many cases and the technologies' deployment in the nations top home health and hospice agencies.

Here's what one client has to say about our assistance in this area:

"Our experience with the Maxwell Healthcare Associates team has been outstanding! They helped us with our EMR implementation and the experience has exceeded our expectations! Their team members employed exceptional tact and project management skills, kept our team on task and demonstrated significant knowledge of the product as well as partnership with the EMR team. If your home health or hospice agency needs help implementing or optimizing technology, Maxwell Healthcare Associates is the place to call."

Nancy Stoddard Vice President, Information Technology

The New Jewish Home

You might be thinking, why do I need a consultant's help implementing a new EMR? The vendor gives us 2-3 weeks of implementation support out-of-the box. Additionally, I can reach out to our new EMR's support team with any questions I may have during and after implementation.

Well, that's what most agencies think--until they get started.

Then they realize two major things:

1. Implementing a new technology is a full-time job-- especially one as crucial as your EMR. Your internal point person already has a full time job. Your agency needs additional boots on the ground during an implementation to ensure the details are minded and existing responsibilities aren't sidelined.

2. You don't know what you don't know. If you've never implemented this particular EMR before, things might get lost in translation. The big problem is though, you may not realize this until it's too late. Your internal definition for something may be totally different than the vendor's. You need big picture context that you can only ascertain through experience.

We'll elaborate more on these points later in the post.

To zoom back out, here's a snapshot of our EMR implementation project management service:

Who: A home health and/or hospice agency implementing a new EMR.

What: Maxwell will guide and facilitate the implementation process to ensure optimal use, ease, adoption and scalability.

Why: You need a dedicated resource to ensure success. We’ve been through hundreds of implementations. We understand the big picture and best practices.

Result: Increased efficiency, productivity and adoption, which is invaluable.

We touched on it earlier in the post, but here's a deeper dive on the two primary challenges an agency will face when implementing a new EMR.


1. Throughout an out-of-the-box implementation, your team will be asked endless questions with little to no context. In many cases your internal definitions may vary with your new vendor’s. You don't know all of their terms. The EMR vendor is going to say give us your service codes, productivity points, your physicians and facilities, payors, supplies and all the other required labels. You might think you're on the same page with what your vendor is asking for, but we often see significant discrepancies. This variance can negatively affect reporting, processes and more. It's a big deal. Unfortunately, you may not realize the disparity until implementation is complete.

In the same vein, it’s often difficult to answer questions without context — without the why. Since your agency is new to this EMR, you don’t know how your preliminary input will affect the big picture until you're up and running — and that’s too late.

2. You may have designated an internal point person to spearhead implementation, but he or she already has a full-time job within your agency. What usually happens is the implementation falls to someone internally who already has a lot going on. He or she doesn’t have the time to make the implementation a priority and it becomes a scramble. (Further, your implementation point person, who was already likely at capacity with his or her full-time role, is now entirely overwhelmed and dissatisfied with her job.)

Yes, you’ll have out-of-the-box implementation assistance from your EMR vendor, but like we mentioned earlier, your vendor will likely fall short on understanding your existing processes and terms and their service will expire 2-3 weeks after go live. At that point, you’ll have to call for additional resources or support. No one likes wasting their time with a call center representative who you have to fill in on your business, your goals, your existing setup and your challenges. That's why you need MHA to serve as your personal EMR implementation project manager.


MHA team members have served as personal EMR implementation project managers in hundreds of implementations with various EMRs. We know the big picture. We know the vendors’ definitions. Equipped with our vast experience, we will leverage our dynamic Lean Six Sigma process to examine your existing workflows, terms and roles to ensure alignment and success with the least disruption to your organization.


When your EMR implementation considers your agency’s existing processes, labels and roles, it’s a seamless adjustment for your team and adoption skyrockets. (After all, what good is the best EMR when no one uses it? Adoption is key!) Additionally, by inputing correct and relevant data from the get go, your reports will be accurate and timely — allowing you to effectively measure, manage and scale. The benefits are invaluable.

Don’t take our word for it. Ask for our references. We’ll connect you with MHA clients who can tell you why you need MHA on your side to ensure EMR implementation success. Reach out to us today for our EMR implementation one pager or to learn more about how we can help your agency with its EMR rollout. implementation.

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