Meet Chris Hamilton--Our Tech Project Management and Excel Health Expert

Chris Hamilton Home Health and Hospice consultant

Chris brings years of EMR implementation and technology support to the Maxwell team. Having previous roles on both the technology vendor and provider sides of the table, Chris brings first-hand understanding of both vantage points to his role. While Chris is poised to deliver all Maxwell Healthcare Associates’ core services, Chris specializes in MHA’s Excel Health implementation project management offering. In this capacity, Chris assists home health and hospice providers with their implementation, optimization and ongoing use of Excel Health’s unprecedented data set.

Prior to his role at MHA, Chris worked on Homecare Homebase’s implementation and support team for nearly five years. There, he gained experience working with providers of various sizes and types including single branch to multi-state, and private duty to dual provider.

Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in markets and culture and Spanish from Southern Methodist University. In his spare time, Chris enjoys spending time with his family, watching or playing sports of any kind and listening to great music.

Chris Hamilton, Home health and hospice consultant, and his family

We sat down with Chris for a quick Q&A. Here's what we learned about his industry passion, Excel Health and more.

Q: Why are you passionate about the work you do or home health and hospice care in general?

A: In short, because I know it truly makes a difference. I watched my grandfather experience hospice and it opened my eyes to the care venue’s importance. In relation to my professional specificity helping agencies best leverage Excel Health’s data, I feel passionate about equipping providers with the best data as soon as possible. This truly improves outcomes and ensures patients are being referred to the right care settings at the right time which can make all the difference.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about Excel health?

A: Of course! Excel Health is an unprecedented data set in the industry. It provides agencies with quarterly updates of quarter-old Medicare data (compared to bi-annual updates of 18-month-old data). This information allows agencies to monitor how they are performing, understand what their market share is in their various territories, pinpoint which referral sources are actually referring to them and more. It’s an extremely valuable tool that shows the big picture of an agency’s current standing and provides guidance regarding where agency efforts should be focused in the future.

Q: Notable/inspirational client interaction story?

A: My most recent on-site training was in Boston for VNA Consortium. They were a great group and were excited about Excel Health, had great questions and were engaged the entire day. As we were wrapping up, my main point of contact for the project approached me and said, “You are a great trainer, I know we will really benefit from today.” It was a quick comment that meant everything to me. I felt the training went really well, but when I received that verbal validation and compliment it truly made my day. I love my job. I love the MHA team and I love our clients.

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