Meet Carole Grantham -- Our Home Health and Hospice Revenue Cycle Management Expert

Carole Grantham home health hospice consultant

Carole brings nearly 30 years of experience in home health and hospice revenue cycle management to the Maxwell team. Prior to joining MHA, Carole served as the director of billing operations for a large home health and hospice agency. As a member of the business operations team, she reviewed agency and branch operations for efficiency, compliance and profitability and participated in updating and implementing new processes and procedures.

Her billing operations and accounts receivable acumen has allowed her to navigate the labyrinth of all payor types, which include Medicare, Medicare HMOs, Commercial Insurance and Medicaid. Her intricate knowledge of these payors enables her to negotiate contracts, resolve claims and payment issues and develop partnerships to better care for home health and hospice beneficiaries.

Several professional strengths and victories Carole is proud of include, helping an agency grow profits from 1 to 14 percent in one year and negotiating with payors.

Carole is a self-taught artist who loves painting, sketching and crafting. (Check out her piece below.) She has performed quite a few renovation projects on her home with help from her daughters. She especially loves playing with her adorable grandson, Oliver.

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Carole Grantham art

Here's Carole's personal story about her healthcare career and passions.

A serious car accident after high school graduation sent me to the hospital and then a prolonged outpatient rehab stint. While it was a terrible situation, it was during that time my appreciation and interest in medicine began to bud. After healing, I was offered a job at the hospital. I worked in all departments of the hospital but my favorite was the emergency room. Several years later, I became an EMT. I've been in healthcare ever since.

I have a special love for home health and hospice, as both of my parents were positively affected by the services.

My dad was a vibrant 95 year old who walked five miles a day. At 95, he participated in a 5K walk with his five daughters. He put us all to shame. Unfortunately, a few years later, Daddy contracted an infection which required prolonged antibiotics. This lead to kidney failure. He experienced home health and hospice and then passed away at 97.

My precious mother was on home health for multiple episodes and eventually on hospice care. She passed at 95 years old.

I do not believe either of my parents would have lived as long, or with as much quality, without the passionate care they received from their extraordinary home health, hospice and family caregivers.

Carole's mother in hospice care

Pictured above is my four sisters and me with our mother on her 95th birthday. She passed away the following Saturday. She was on hospice.

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