Why We Partner With Home Health Data Company, Excel Health, and What that Means for You

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At MHA we believe technology is key in achieving the highest level of care while simultaneously reducing costs. With that in mind, Excel Health's robust data set can help our home health and hospice clients reach new levels of efficiency and care quality. That's why we're working with them to ensure providers can easily implement and optimize their care enhancing solutions.

Are you an Excel Health customer? If so, we'd like to help you get the most out of your software. We're the only consulting firm certified by Excel Health.

Have you been thinking about learning more about Excel Health? If so, let us tell you more about Excel and how it can help your home health and hospice agency.

In short, Excel Health has one of the most current, comprehensive and robust medical databases in the world. They have access to complete Medicare Part A and Part B data (over 1.25 billion claims annually) -- all to help empower providers to better manage their agencies and thrive.

Here's what one customer says about the Excel portal:

"Excel Health is the only vendor to provide access to both Medicare Part A and B claims data, which gives us a level of visibility into both our hospital and physician referral activity that we’ve never had before. We can actually show our network partners which patients were discharged with home health instructions vs. those who were not vs. those who actually landed in home health. The comparative outcomes across all three buckets really helps them see where their processes are falling short and how we can be of great value."


As Excel experts, MHA can help you:

  • Implement: Provide on-boarding assistance to new Excel Health customers to ensure you create a solid foundation for proper and best use of your new software.

  • Report: Equip your team with the customized quarterly, trending and territory management insights you need to reach your goals. We can help you analyze and act upon data like claims, referral patterns, readmissions, rehospitalizations, diagnoses and more.

  • Train: Ensure each team member gains the Excel knowledge most useful and practical to his or her role. We can help promote efficiency and quality within your sales and business development, back office, clinical staff, senior leadership teams and more.

  • Coach: Engage with your leadership team through weekly/monthly calls to ensure all data is being used to its maximum potential and you're achieving your ideal market position.

View our Excel Health one pager here.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your agency specifically.

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