Webinar Recording Available: Home Health CoP Regulatory Compliance Tips


We recently hosted a webinar all about the home health CoPs. While the opportunity to participate in the live version has passed, the recording is available here.

The Maxwell Healthcare Associates team has been working side by side with handfuls of home health agencies, technology vendors, regulatory entities and more to understand and operationalize the best ways to gain regulatory compliance amid the new CoPs. To help the industry, we'd like to share our findings with you during an hour-long webinar.

When you stream, you'll takeaway:

  • CoP summary and regulatory compliance timeline: Interpreting the CoPs is a job in itself. We'll give you our summary along with when you should focus on each item.

  • Clinical, operational and technological solutions: We’ll relay ideas on specific processes you can you put into place to ensure compliance. We'll cover clinical and operational actions but will primarily focus on features your EMR already has that will help you not only maintain compliance but reduce date entry and costly manual redundant processes.

  • Monitoring and reporting suggestions: You can only manage what you can measure. We'll let you know which reports and trend analyses will keep you and your team on track with the CoPs.

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