2018 Here We Come--Let’s start by launching our home health and hospice consulting blog

One of our 2018 goals is to launch and keep up with our blog. We want it to serve as a helpful platform for home health and hospice industry resources, updates and perspectives. What better way to commence our blog and kickoff our 2018 goals than to express gratitude for 2017.

Last year was a fantastic year for Maxwell Healthcare Associates (MHA) filled with client, team and business successes. Tom and I started MHA to help our friends in the home health and hospice world succeed in this competitive and disruptive healthcare environment. We all know regulations and new payment models are dictating how we operate like never before. We have tighter budgets with less room for error. Providers need to be more efficient than ever.

We believe many of the answers to our industry’s challenges lie in home health and hospice technology adoption and optimization. We have a unique and rich knowledge base in that area. (On the leadership team at the industry’s largest EMR, Tom spent many years working with customers to eliminate redundant processes and streamline workflows. As the CEO and executive director of the Minnesota Homecare Association and an account manager for a large healthcare consulting group, I’ve seen various vantage points of what is working and what isn't in home health / hospice technology.)

This expertise combined with our team’s varied experience and knowledge in all aspects of home health and hospice finance, staffing, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, regulations and compliance have lead to a year of extreme growth. Here are some of our 2017 successes:

  • Sophisticated client base: We’re proud to be working with the industry’s most seasoned players. The opportunity to serve them gives us unparalleled insight into effective solutions for home health and hospice providers.

  • Robust and knowledgeable team: As we build a business that relies on our combined experience, uniting the best talent in the industry is key. We’re doing just that. In a short amount of time we’ve been able to recruit nearly 20 home health and hospice industry rockstars who have unique and first hand experience transforming organizations. I’ll introduce you to a few of them now (as we build our blog and website we’ll be sure to brag on additional team members):

  • Meet Carole Grantham. She has nearly 30 years of experience in managing the revenue cycle of a large home health and hospice agency. As a member of the business operations team, she reviewed agency and branch operations related to efficiency, compliance and profitability. Additionally she has more than a decade of experience as the director of billing operations with Homecare Homebase where she worked with database set up, billing and financial functions as well as back office workflow.

  • Meet Shannon Gilligan, RN. She’s a registered nurse and manager with more than 20 years of operational expertise in the healthcare industry. In her career, her area of focus has been creating and building teams and establishing customer and employee satisfaction. Shannon is proficient with implementing, guiding and training HCHB office and clinical user roles. She also assists agencies with analyzing workflow efficiency, operations and remote continuing education.

  • Ecstatic customers: Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what some of our clients are saying about our team members:

  • “I want you to know how much we appreciate all your help over this past year. Your team member Lorie and the rest of your team were just the people we needed to help with our understanding of Homecare Homebase. Additionally, I'm very grateful for what you did for me personally in advancing my knowledge and ability to lead our company.”

  • “We want you to stay forever!”

  • “Your team member Chelsea has been a shining example of what we hope to see when we outsource training and/or support. I have forwarded examples of her emails to others to ask them to follow the same process with their communications. She has been quick to respond to any requests and eager to assist with any issues that arise. Because of her work and her examples, the entire implementation process has been much easier and smoother throughout this entire 2 month rollout.”

Having dreamed up MHA in late 2016, we are thrilled to report how far we’ve come. We can’t wait to build on the momentum this year and hope you join us.

If you’re a home health or hospice agency with growth goals in 2018, reach out to us through our contact page or email me directly. We’d love the opportunity to help. We can assist you with everything from technology optimization to compliance. Here’s a list of our services.

If you don’t know which area you need to focus the most attention, let’s start with an operational assessment. We find this report helps many of our clients understand where they’re facing challenges and how we can help resolve them.

To follow along with our blog, subscribe to our mailing list and join in the conversation on our social channels. We look forward to getting to know you better in the coming year. Happy New Year!

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