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North Oaks, MN, January 17th, 2017. The nation’s health care system is moving from volume to value, yet it remains fragmented and complex. Post-acute health care providers are facing increased pressure to move from fee-for-service to value-based payment. However, current market technology solutions to accelerate this journey have been criticized as too rigid and difficult to meet complex provider needs. In order to meet these needs, Maxwell Healthcare Associates (MHA) launches an operational and technology optimization consulting firm focused on collaborative use of people, process and technology for the future of healthcare in the home.

MHA Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer , Tom Maxwell, spent many years working with customers helping them adopt technology and gain efficiencies. As the former Chief Operating Officer and Chief Strategy Officer for HomeCare HomeBase, the industry’s leading home care and hospice EMR company, “I was getting calls daily asking for help with utilization, adoption, optimization and interoperability. We saw the gap in the industry and decided to help bridge it.”

MHA has hand picked experts in the field to create a combined knowledge unlike any other consulting team in the industry. “We are building the dream team” says Maxwell, “We are focused on hiring consultants that not only have experience in the technology focused around post-acute care, but also have the ability and history working on specific areas to deliver the systems, capabilities and management services that providers need to be successful under the new risk-sharing models across the spectrum.”

MHA provides complete, in-depth operational assessments to both home care and hospice agencies across the nation. The operational assessment is more than skin deep. MHA identifies opportunities for agencies to become more efficient, cost effective and most importantly regulatory compliant from top to bottom, while adopting technology.

“Our objective is to enable all of our provider clients to succeed in an extremely competitive and disruptive health care environment,” says Jennifer Maxwell, President and co-founder.

“Whether a provider’s business is focused on commercial, Medicare or Medicaid patients, MHA has the know-how and engagement experience to deliver better quality. We will meet healthcare organizations where they are with the services and capabilities they need,” Maxwell said. “Some will need us to provide or build core capabilities… also work collaboratively with clients that already have those capabilities in place to help them achieve greater alignment and clinical integration.”

Other services provided:

  • Merger and Acquisition services (Clinical and Financial review)Full scope of management, operational, clinical and financial consulting

  • Strategic planning

About Maxwell Healthcare Associates. Maxwell Healthcare Associates (MHA) is an elite business consulting firm specializing in the home health and hospice industry. MHA has a laser focus on management and strategic consulting solutions in the areas of compliance, due diligence, financial and clinical outcomes, as well as regulatory services. Leveraging over 20 years of experience and proven outcomes, MHA demonstrates the ability to marry technology and healthcare to their clients, enhancing the care delivery model and ultimately delivering stronger results. Visit their website at to contact Tom or Jennifer Maxwell and learn more.

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