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COVID-19 PPE Resources 

Maxwell Healthcare Associates (MHA) recognizes the need to address shortages of key Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medical staff. Adequate protection and distribution of this equipment is crucial for patients during the pandemic. MHA has compiled a list of organizations that are manufacturing equipment to meet your institution's needs. We will continue to update this list as we find reputable manufactures who are responding to the current PPE shortage. 

1. WOODCHUCK USA is currently devoting its production line in producing PPE products that include face shields. 

2. Petoskey Plastics is producing non-surgical isolation gowns to support healthcare workers and patients. 

3. Alterra Medical is currently producing hand sanitizer, disinfectant sprays/wipes as well as disposable surgical masks. Contact John and Dawn Walburg to expedite your order.

4. Massoud Furniture is producing non-surgical isolation gowns, foot covers, and face masks.

5. Jimenez Dental Studio is producing face shields for healthcare professionals. Email info@jdsmpls.com to order now.