"I love being a part of a team where passion meets expertise. When those intersect you have the ability to truly transform organizations and heighten patient care."
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Want to join our dream team of home health and hospice consultants? We’re looking for seasoned home health and hospice leaders who not only have an ear to the ground on the industry's latest and greatest, but are also passionate about positively impacting post acute care. If this is you, we want to meet you.

Chelsea Hedeman, MHA Consultant

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My favorite part about working at MHA is our team. Everyone is incredibly smart, fun and passionate about the work we do. We leverage each other’s strengths and will drop anything to help each other out. I Can’t imagine a better group!  

Chris Hamilton,
MHA Consultant
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I love working at MHA because it provides me with opportunities to learn, grow and improve as a professional.  Tom and Jenn have the perfect management style, and always do a fabulous job of putting us in positions to succeed.  They have created an all-star team with experience in every aspect of the post-acute world. It is awesome to be a part of. I am so glad to be here!”

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Carole Grantham,
MHA Consultant
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How awesome is it to work for a company where you’re appreciated so deeply for what you do!  I love helping agencies solve problems and implement processes to create efficiencies. Every day brings something different and I can’t imagine ever going back to a routine 8 to 5 job again. Tom and Jennifer are wonderful to work for!

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